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Ferrari 365 GTB/4 aka "Ferrari Daytona"

Who doesn't remember Crockett and Tubbs flying through Miami in a beautiful Ferrari Daytona? Yes, it was a replica, but the iconic Ferrari became mainstream to everyone who watched that show. Not only one of the most iconic Ferraris of all time, officially known as the Ferrari 365 GTB/4, the Ferrari Daytona is certainly one of the most beautiful.

Designed by Pininfarina, Ferrari built just over 1,400 of these cars from 1968-1973. The car pictured here is a competition version of this classic. While not officially raced by Scuderia Ferrari, these cars were quite successful by private teams at Le Mans and Daytona including several class wins.

The street versions of the Daytona are very collectible and today can bring anywhere from 500k-750k for nice examples. One very special and rare aluminum bodied car sold at auction in 2017 for 1.8 million Euros.


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  • sofast105p
    sofast105p  · December 5, 2018
    @jaydoubleyou I agree 100%! That car is gorgie!
  • jaydoubleyou
    jaydoubleyou  · December 3, 2018
    same era, same styling, same rarity. I would pick the Toyota 2000gt over the Ferrari any day.
  • Peter
    Peter  · December 3, 2018
    By modern standards they certainly are less desirable visually if you compare to other similar makes and models. In fact if this weren't a Ferrari and instead a Datsun or FIAT, it probably wouldn't bring the same attention, but I love it. Maybe it's just...  more
  • Slackitude
    Slackitude  · December 3, 2018
    I never cared for the design of these at all. Yes they're rare, maybe they're great, but not very distinctive.