My Builds

1971 GTX

  • When the GTX first arrived at a little shop in Lithonia, it was in less than stellar condition, having sat in a yard for years under pine trees.

    When I found it on Craigslist, it had already been blasted and primered.  We decided to finish disassembly, and I'd go to the shop where it was whenever I could to work on it.  After scraping all the undercoating off it was decided that it should go on the rotisserie so we could get to the floor pans easier.

    They were pretty rough, but strangely, the rockers were quite intact:

    so all new metal went in:


    lots of work at this point, not much money, but we kept plugging along.  Underside got coated, and the trunk pan was finished.

    then the shop doing the major work closed.  so the car sat...

    and sat...

    and moved to another shop:

    and THAT shop closed... (if any of y'all wonder why i do almost ALL my own work...) it went back to the first guy (now working out of his house)

    While it was in paint jail, I amassed all of the parts I could for the interior.  Legendary supplied the restoration vinyl in the correct ember gold color.  Gold/Gold cars were pretty common back then, but not so much now.

    Zen Motors in Suwanee took on the paint duties and the car was finally shot in the correct GY9 Tawny Gold Metallic.

    more to come.