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1960 Ford F100 /1995 crown Vic Frankinford conversion

  • It started in November of 2014, it was my sophomore year of high school, and it was time to do a build project with my father. Originally when bought it was a pile of parts, not engine, no trans, but the body was all there (kind of, it was from Colorado so it was clean for the most part.

    The truck featured a 2005 mustang IFS when i bought it for 1800, the previous owner wanted to make a gasser out of it. Over the next couple months of owning it the frame was painted and modified to put a 1978 bronco gas tank in the back by the rear axel ( now a ford 8.8 instead of the original 9inch). The rear axle was also flipped on top of the springs to drop it down lower, also to have a lower center of gravity. The frame is also semi boxed now and has a c notch were the axle is, to prevent any rubbing or touching.

    During this time the previous paint was being stripped with metholine chloride and smaller parts were being sand blasted. When spring came around the donor crown Vic that we owned previously got torn apart for all if its goodies, ( drive train, seats, wiring harness, misc). The 4.6 modular engine that is in it fits the 2005 mustang IFS because ford didn’t really reinvent the wheel ever, like a lot of the geometry is the same even for the crown Vic and the original chase for the truck. Once the engine was in and the trans was put in ( made a new trans mount from a mix of both the crown and the trucks parts), the cab was put on and it touched the engine... a lot. So i recessed the firewall by using a gas tank from a 1970s LTD (if its not apparent by now I’m in a ford family).

    To spare some boring details, we started metal work and mud work on the truck body in the late summer, that didn’t really finish till about a year later, but in that time as well all other accessories were being added (break booster, break lines, fuel lines, radiator fitment ( it was the crown radiator and breaking system) the coolent system, (resivor from a 2005 explorer) the window wiper system (from an 80s or early 90s ranger, because the vacuum wipers are awful) cpu placement, building the battery box, air intake, exhaust system (which still isn’t were i want it yet, the problem is going over the axle and missing the shocks and shooting out the back) and a few other misc things. One of the most difficult parts about this time is the header for the window, mice peed all in it and rotted it out, that put us back a few months.
    Spring of 2016 i finally got to paint my truck, the colors were none other than that of the Shelby mustang Wimbleton white and academy blue. All that was left was the wiring harness, something that took from early 2015 to early 2016 to figure out. But once it was figured out (we found a better harness from a 1994 bare bones crown) it was done and assembled, just for me to drive my after my first year of college.
    I now drive this car as a daily driver in the spring summer and fall and i love every single drive with it. It still isn’t were i want it ( i want to fix the exhaurst, put a head liner in it, i just put a new seat in it from a 1986 F150, fix the dash layout and a few other minor things. But this summer I’m driving it across the country to Colorado then to Arizona to the Grand Canyon.