The Last of the Original Datsun 510 Wagons

What was once called the “poor man’s BMW” is now one of the most desirable Datsuns made when it comes to tuning, just behind the 240Z. We’ve all seen the 510 in Fast and Furious, Gran Turismo and any other car related medium. It’s there with its fender flares, engine swaps and lowered stance just teasing us and really appealing to those who are “in the know”. Many car people will just look over the 510, but enthusiasts will savor it for its racing heritage, style and potential. Oddly enough in recent years the 510 Wagon has become one of the most desirable Hot Wheels toy cars produced, with examples fetching over $500.00!

Datsun created and produced the Datsun 510 between 1968-1973 worldwide. All in all, there were four body styles ranging from a 2 door coupe to the 5 door wagon shown here.

This particular car is an all original 1972 Datsun 5 door wagon in bright orange with a great history. Owned for the past 29 years by the same owner, the car is still sporting original paint, interior and has appeared in several movies including Fast and Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Mean Girls 2 and several TV shows. Even more impressive, the glovebox is signed by the original BRE race team members and the steering wheel a Racemark that was actually used in a race by Mark Donohue, although in a different car.

With 510’s becoming less and less common every day, it’s definitely a treat to spot a wagon. This beautiful original edition was sold shortly after this photoshoot and has relocated to New York where the new owner plans a full rotisserie restoration.

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