Frequently Asked Questions

Having issues with the platform or need some extra Help?

You’re always welcome to submit a trouble ticket about issues you’re having with the platform, but before you do that, please check out our FAQ below to make your GarageRiot experience that much better! 

GROUPS let us focus your interests and build communities around cars, topics and more! Only interested in Porsches? American Muscle? Collectables... there's a GROUP for you in our Garage. Many groups are public and can be joined with a single click. Posting in groups versus the main feed, also lets other members quickly go back, review, filter and search through archives more efficiently.

If you're interested in starting your own group, don't be shy, and open another garage bay! - because we're interested in your passions. Try GROUPS today!

When posting URLs from the web, you can paste them directly into any feed or group (that you're a member of), but you will have to wait a second or two for the preview which includes an excerpt and featured image to appear. GarageRiot will give you the option to choose which image to display from the URL. Once the preview has loaded, hit post. If you post too quickly and nothing is showing other than the URL you pasted in, just click "edit" and the preview is generally ready. Hit "save" to update the post.

The GarageRiot platform allows you to take control of how you're seen/found in the community. If you'd like to change your privacy and visibility preferences, simply click on your User Icon (top right) > Account > Profile Privacy.

When uploading pictures you'll notice a grey-ish circle with a camera icon appear over your photo. Then a blue ring will also appear. Wait until the the blue ring fills up and the camera icon + blue ring disappear from the screen before hitting "post" or "update" - this is your "please wait icon" as your photos are being uploaded to the platform. Wait times vary on internet connection speeds and systems. Be patient, or you might have to reupload!

Having an issue with the platform that isn't listed here, don't hesitate to submit a trouble ticket or reach out to

Note: when you submit a trouble ticket in our system click on "continue as guest" - fill out all the required information and please be as descriptive as possible, but also be sure to select "GarageRiot" from the dropdown list before hitting submit. Thanks!