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Our guest tonight has many years of performance driving experience, she has driven race tracks with names like: Road Atlanta, Atlanta Motorsports Park, Barber Motorsports Park, Carolina Motorsports Park, Virginia International Raceway and Roebling Road Raceway to name a few.

In the summer of 2017, she joined the National Auto Sports Association’s (NASA) High Performance Driving Education program and rapidly progressed from HPDE Level 1 to Level 4 while completing NASA’s competition licensing school in one season. Fast forwarding a bit, She began her racing career in the Spec-Miata class campaigning her own car and ultimately hopes to proceed into professional racing starting with the Mazda MX-5 Cup series.

Annika Carter is constantly working to better herself behind the wheel. She believes everything is possible and is fully dedicated to fulfilling her goals on track, and we welcome her to Break/Fix to share her story with us.

Bavarian Motor Works (or in the native tongue: Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) commonly referred to as BMW is a German multinational corporation which produces luxury vehicles and motorcycles. Founded in 1916 as a manufacturer of aircraft engines – BMW is now one of the most common “track cars” you’ll see on any given weekend. But how did we get to this point? We’ve hinted on so many previous Break/Fix episodes that we were going to have a proper BMW chat, and this is that episode! Joining us for a low-key fireside chat on BMWs, is Donovan Lara CEO of GarageRiot and BMW aficionado, as well as returning guest James Clay President of BIMMERWORLD to unpack the world of BMWs for us.

The Drive Thru is our monthly recap where we’ve put together a menu of local, racing, electric-vehicle and random car-adjacent news. Tune in for Episode #15 covering October of 2021 with special guest host Donovan Lara from GarageRiot.
Just some of the topics we covered this month:
  • Showcase Brand: JAPANESE & JDMs
  • Wait? Wasn’t the CIVIC discontinued? + the Integra! 
  • Porsche’s latest “air cooled model”
  • Veyron vs Chiron for the Hypercar Crown!
  • Back to the Future: Ken Block + Stig Blomqvist Audi Tribute Videos
  • Driving a 700hp Dodge TRX around the Ring – WTFN!
  • Yes, you can buy Pablo Escobar’s IROC 911 RSR
  • McLaren vs Tesla Plaid
  • California banning gas powered lawn equipment after 2024
  • Motorsports News: Connecting the dots on Team Andretti, Races scheduled for ’22 but not gonna happen, Michael Fassbender “road to Le Mans” 
  • Florida Man stories!
  • HPDEjunkie.com Track Day Report
  • and much, much more!
Check out the follow-on article for all the pixs and links to items talked about in this episode: https://www.gtmotorsports.org/b-f-the-drive-thru-15/

The Drive Thru is our monthly recap where we’ve put together a menu of local, racing, electric-vehicle and random car-adjacent news. Tune in for Episode #11 covering June of 2021, with Special Guest Host: Donovan Lara from GarageRiot!

Just some of the topics we covered this month:

  • Showcase Brand: FORD
  • Alfa Romeo CEO Keen on Bringing Back GTV and Duetto Sports Car
  • $9.2 billion offer to VAG for Lambo – NOT FOR SALE!
  • Lost & Found: American Classics
  • Rolls Royce to build 3 “boat tail” drop tops
  • Unplugged RETURNS to pikes peak with Plaid edition Tesla
  • Nissan Has Intern Sit in Stop-and-Go Traffic Every Day for Months – for Research
  • Motorsports News
  • HPDEjunkie.com Track Day Report
  • and much, much more! 

Behind the Scenes content, along with video available through www.patreon.com/gtmotorsports. Check out the follow-on article for all the pixs and links to items talked about in this episode: https://www.gtmotorsports.org/b-f-the-drive-thru-11/

Anyone that knows Brad knows he has two passions in life, cars and music, and often he finds that these two passions overlap or have an indirect relationship with each other. He feels that there is a deep-seated connection as both worlds can ignite feelings and emotions unlike anything else on the planet. Today on the show our panel of petrol-heads and audiophiles: Peter Cline (VETMotorsports), Donovan Lara (GarageRiot) and GTM members Rob Luhrs and Mountain Man Dan talk about that connection, as well as other car-and-music adjacent musings and topics.

We had a great time talking with Donovan about GarageRiot, but we felt like the listeners didn’t get to know him as a Motorsports and Car enthusiast, so as an encore to the original episode, we’ve put together this mini-sode based on our post-session happy hour.

Everyone is looking for somewhere to belong. One of the main reasons for me that GTM was created was because we wanted to return that social aspect and sense of belonging back to track days. Utilizing social networking online is huge and a great way to stay connected to our groups. However, as much as the internet brings us closer together, it also tends to divide us into factions, and petrolheads and car enthusiasts are not exempt. We even get as granular as marque clubs, model-specific forums, and branded content and websites no one has ever heard of. 

What if there was one corner of the net where there was no place for political rants, baby pictures or kitty memes? What if there was a place where obsessions run on petrol? Enter GarageRiotThe Car Enthusiast Social Network – where you’ll meet wrenchturners, master mechanics, tuners, traders and enthusiasts of all types. And with us tonight is Donovan Lara, GarageRiot’s CEO and Founder, to explain how it all works.