Ron Smiths 1934 Ford Truck

Ron Smith has a serious background in drag racing. Having gotten as fast as 4.09 seconds in the 1/4 mile, you can see those influences in his custom 1934 Ford Truck. The idea started from a set of wheels Ron got from his friend. Those Crager super trick wheels were destined for the trash until Ron turned them into inspiration for this creation. He decided that those wheels would ultimately lend themselves to a 1934 Ford Extra Cab so with those dimensions Ron build a frame out of 2″x3″ tubing to rest the cab.

You can’t help but find custom touches everywhere you look on this truck. From the floating fenders to the hand crafted wood interior pieces, it will take many looks to catch every detail. While the title says Ford, the truck is very much as Chevy as pointed out by the huge bow-tie rear bumper and 396cu Chevy small block mounted up front. The small block delivers its power to a 700R4 transmission, with a 2800 RPM stall converter mated to a 12-bolt Camaro rear-end with 3:73 gears and a Moroso Brute Strength positraction unit.

The also truck sports many creature comforts including power steering, disc brakes, power windows, air conditioning and cup holders to keep the Yeti’s in place.

Having built almost all of this truck in his one car garage Ron created a street rod that he drives often racking up over 5,000 miles. Those miles come from car show attendance, daily drives and taking the grandkids for a cruise. This truck has accumulated many honors including the GSRA car of the month award.

If you are lucky enough to see this truck at one of the shows, take your time, examine and re-examine as even then it’s unlikely you’ll catch all of the detail in this truck on the first couple looks. It’s definitely a rolling piece of art and craftsmanship.

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